Green Envee Organics focuses on creating products that promote wellness within the mind, body, and spirit as a whole. The company offers an extensive array of products ranging from aromatherapy body care, homeopathic and energetically enhanced skin care, as well as chakra oils and synergistic essential oil blends. Their exclusive line of products is created using only the highest quality ingredients, therapeutic grade essential oils, and nothing artificial. 

Although Green Envee stemmed from a desire to create all natural products for their own families, the thought process behind the creations go way beyond that simple fact. No doubt, it is amazing what Western Medicine has created. However remarkable man-made things can be, they are not always for the best. Here lies our passion. 

Green Envee is dedicated to providing all natural, organic products that serve specific purposes. We have collaborated with White Cloud Inner Arts, founded and supervised by Medical Qigong practitioner, Tony D’Angelo, MMQ, to provide you with products that have true meaning and purpose behind them. Tony is an ordained Taoist Priest and he has received his Qigong Medical Practitioner’s degree and Qigong Therapist’s degree from the Institute of Medical Qigong in Palm Desert, California. With his vast experience of using energy and natural forms of prevention and healing, it was an alliance too good to pass up. With our combined knowledge and understanding of the use of natural and high quality plant essential oils to enhance the health of the mind, body, and spirit, as well as to prevent and treat disorders, Green Envee was formed. Every Green Envee product serves a true purpose.