Yankee Candle _ Petals and Twigs

Fragrance of The Month

Sugared Vanilla Crackeling
Sugarcane and amber crystals united in an intriguing vanilla blend.

Home Sweet Home

Create a warm, inviting atmosphere by simply lighting a candle and enjoying the delicate fragrances of Yankee Candle. The aroma of cinnamon, baking spices and a hint of freshly poured tea will linger long after the flame has been snuffed out.


Candle Warmers

Yankee Candle _ Petals and Twigs
Yankee Candle _ Petals and Twigs

From humble beginnings in 1969 (with sixteen-year-old founder, Mike Kittredge), to the #1 most-recognized name in the candle business, Yankee has become the country’s best selling candle brand. With over 150 fragrances, Yankee offers the world’s largest and most compelling selection of candle and home fragrance scents. The majority of their candles are made by master chandlers (candlemakers) in an advanced manufacturing facility in Massachusetts. At Petals & Twigs, we are pleased to offer an extensive list of Yankee products, including their renowned Housewarmer® line of scented candles, seasonal and specialty scented candles, home fragrance products, car fresheners and candle accessories.